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Along with the increasingly advanced information technology, including the development of mobile users, Google suggests a lightweight web structure accessible from mobile.

carasatuku.com is a media blog that explores various things about the world of SEO blogging, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Managed lovingly by a man named Aditya Pratama or better known as Aditya.

We will always guide and teach about what we learned in the world of SEO and the world of bloggers, so we really want your advice and criticism for us.

Even though almost all the articles on this blog are in the form of study cases, all the material shown here is only theoretical, there is no claim that our tutorial is 100% correct. Because nothing really is true except the truth above.

carasatuku's manager is very open to criticism and suggestions. If there are things that are worth discussing, you can send an email to: Adityapratam230101@gmail.com. All emails will be attempted to be replied within 24 hours after delivery.